After harvest…

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One of the best harvests of recent years is just behind us. This year’s vintage is excellent because – despite of the drought – it rained enough in Etyek before the harvest, and it did wonders to the grapes.

Ripening happened fast, ripening periods of different grape varieties accumulated, so the picking had to happen at a great pace. Harvest in the Etyek areas started on September 1 and all grapes were carried into the cellars in two weeks. In Sopron, harvest started on September 23 and the last day was on October 12. There were not so much rain as in Etyek, but despite of this, the bunches from here were also beautiful and healthy. White wines produced a sugar level of 19.5 on an average and the red wines produced 21.5.

There were difficulties caused by the accumulation of the ripening periods of different grape varieties, but the greatest challenge this year as well was the labour shortage, generally present in agriculture. For this reason – for the first time in the history of the Etyeki Kúria – we tried mechanical harvest, which was a great success. The large boxes that we used for the first time in Sopron made the work quicker. 25-30 small boxes can fit in one large box, which makes ca. 400 kg of grapes. As a result, instead of 1000 pieces of small boxes only 35-40 pieces had to be cleaned at the end of a harvesting day, which reduced our water consumption significantly.

Fun fact: this year the team had helping hands from New Zealand for the red fermentation period. The boys all had great experiences.

Meanwhile: Production of our new stainless steel tanks is in progress, they will make the next harvest much easier. We really need them because next year our new plantings will be productive.

Currently we are working on the preparation of new wines, now they are under cold stabilization and according to traditions Kúria White and Kúria Rosé will be ready in a few days. With regard to the great interest, we would like to release Pláne Frizzante this year as well, so it could be put under the Christmas tree. 😉

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