ChardonNITE 2019

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Walkaround Chardonnay Tasting – Concert – Midsummer Night

Thrilling party, fantastic Chardonnays, unlimited afternoon tasting, local delicacies, sunset and bonfire – all in the mesmerizing vineyard, out in the open, just a step from Budapest, and we’re taking care of your transfer too! This is what we are proposing at this year’s ChardonNITE, at the haven of Chardonnays in the Old Hill of Etyek on June 22nd Saturday. Winelovers can explore an intriguing selection of wines made of this variety throughout the afternoon, in authentic vineyard surroundings, accompanied by experts of the wine trade, and pick their favourites. Participants can enjoy unlimited Chardonnay consumption at the walkaround tasting between 17:00 and 20:00. In addition to Chardonnay wines from Burgundy and New World countries, this time we have invited wineries from several countries in the Carpathian basin to join us as well.

The evening party kicks off with the concert of the Random Trip ensemble, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, stepping on stage with Kinga Krámli, Janka Koszi, MC Kemon and András Jász, culminating in the after party of DJ Q-Cee. Love, folk, boldness.


15:30 – 16:30      Chardonnay Masterclass with Daniel Ercsey
17:00-20:00       Walkaround tasting
20:30-22:30       Random Trip concert
22:30-24:00      After Party with DJ Q-Cee

Tickets : HUF 12 000/person*

*The price of the ticket includes unlimited wine consumption during the walkaround tasting, the bus transfer and participation at the evening concerts. The price of the ticket does not include the glass rental deposit, the products available at the Gastro Courtyard stands, the wine and food consumption on the terrace of the Etyeki Kúria after 20:00. We are organizing transfer by bus from the BAH-csomópont transportation hub in Budapest to Etyeki Kúria, and back. The price of the transfer is comprised in the entrance fee, but registration is compulsory! Please indicate your wish to take the bus transfer by email at
The price of the Chardonnay Masterclass is HUF 5000, if you would like to participate please write an e-mailt to

Tickets can be purchased on the following website:

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