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Privacy policy of Etyeki Kúria Borgazdaság Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (Cg.07-09-008065 ; address: 2091 Etyek, Öreghegy 2699 hrsz.; tax number: 12167878-2-07; data handling registry number: NAIH 108635, NAIH 108637) – hereinafter: “Company/Provider/Data Handler” – of the practice of collecting and handling personal data. The privacy policy applies throughout the website, including the services the Company provides and handling personal information in connection with such activities.


You, as the User of the Company’s services (“Services” are defined in detail in the Terms and Conditions section of the website, which is published as an appendix of the Privacy Policy as well) by using these services automatically accept the Terms of Use.


User agrees to automatically being registered and accepts the Terms of Use by applying online, filling in and submitting the data sheet. User must provide valid data. User expresses and confirms by registering (filling in and submitting the sheet) that the information was given voluntarily, it is based on defined and satisfactorily given information and that he agrees that Etyeki Kúria Kft – hereinafter: Data Handler – as Data Handler keeps a record of these data, manage and store them.

All records are kept and managed in: Hungary.

User agrees that by using the service the information provided to the Data Handler (online registration/text message based registration) can be used by the Company to inform the User of products and services, and to make him able to purchase products or services. User furthermore agrees by using the service that his personal information gets in the database of the Data Handler.

User’s personal data can be stored by Data Handler until the User expresses his wish to get them deleted. If User does not ask for his personal data to be deleted data can be stored for up to five years from the time of registration. User can ask for his personal data to be deleted at any time by sending an e-mail of his request to the Data Handler. Requests should include the data provided during registration by the User for identification.

If User requests, Data Handler must delete all personal information from the database within 30 days from the point the request was received, and must inform the User of the deletion via the e-mail address provided in the request.

Data Handler must inform the User that his personal information is used for the above defined reasons, extent and duration.

Provider does not take any responsibility for the consequences of providing insufficient or deficient data.


User is responsible for the authenticity of the provided personal information. Data Handler does not verify the provided data, and is not responsible for the occasional damages the falsity or inaccuracy of the provided personal information may cause.

If Data Handler gets to know that

– User provided someone else’s personal data, violating the law and the third party’s personal rights,
– uses personal or other information collected by Data Handler’s services or illegally and violating the rights of third parties or the law or
– violates the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

Data Handler immediately takes the necessary steps for legal liabilities and compensation in case of damages.

If the data provided by the User is partly invalid or if the provided data is changed but not updated by the User and therefore the purchased product cannot be delivered, Provider excludes any related responsibility.

Any services can be used under the effective law, without violating the rights of third parties and the Provider, and by conforming to present regulation. If any User uses the services violating the provisions of present regulation, or violating the law, Provider is authorized to take the necessary legal steps in order for the User to get called on account. This provision may be used against the User if he misuses other parties’ personal information.


User can any time rightfully request information of the handling of his personal data in an e-mail sent to the Data Handler. For User’s request Data Handler must provide detailed information of the data in his possession, the aims, legal ground, duration of the use, and the related activities of the data management. Information must be provided by the Data Handler as soon as possible after receiving the request, but not more than 30 day in writing, in a way that is easy to understand.

User can any time request his personal information to be corrected or deleted. Data Handler must correct inadequate personal information if the correct data is available. Data Handler furthermore must delete User’s personal information if:

– handling violates the law,
– requested by User,
– data is insufficient or deficient – and it cannot lawfully be corrected – provided that its deletion does not violate the law,
– there is no further reason to keep the information, or the duration defined by the law is over,
– it is ordered by a court or a data protection officer.

User may object to the use of his personal data. Data Handler – together with suspending the handling of the data – must investigate the complaint as soon as possible but in not more than 15 days from the time of receiving it, and must inform User of the results of the investigation in writing. If the complaint is justified, Data Handler must stop managing the data – including further data survey and data forwarding –, must freeze the data, and inform every parties the data was forwarded to of the complaint and of the actions taken in connection with it; these parties must act in order to enforce the law regarding the complaint. If the User disagrees with the decision of the Data Handler, he can take it to court, in not more than 30 days from getting informed.

User can enforce his rights in front of a court based on the effective laws, with special regard to Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information, and the Civil Code; moreover, User can inform the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information of Hungary (NAIH) (address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C) of his complaint regarding Data Holder’s information management practices.

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