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In March it’s all about Pinot Noir. Now you have the opportunity of getting our vintage selection pack and our Pinot Noir reserve 2015 with a remarkable discount on our webshop.

Etyeki Kúria was a pioneer in proving that Etyek has great potential for making Pinot Noir wines. At first it was considered out of line to plant a red variety in a white wine region. Since the first vintage of 2003, it has now been accepted and with time earned recognition. Thus, the Pinot Noir became our flagship wine. For this selection, we aged the best lots of the 2015 vintage for 10 months in new French oak barrels and filled 1500 bottles. In the first few months of the year we are getting numerous results of many different wine competitions of last year. We are happy to announce that both of our competing wines were awarded with gold medals on the 2019 Prestige Reserve Club. One of them was the Pinot Noir reserve 2015.

A special selection of the Pinor Noir wines made by Etyeki Kúria. In Hungary, it is considered rare to release several vintages of one wine together. We have chosen to offer six Pinot Noirs spanning across five vintages between 2012 and 2016, to show what this variety is capable of in the Etyek-Buda wine region.

The selection contains the following items:

  • Pinot Noir 2016
  • Pinot Noir 2015
  • Pinot Noir Selection 2015
  • Pinot Noir 2014
  • Pinot Noir 2013
  • Pinot Noir 2012


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