Wine of the month in May is Sauvignon Blanc 2018

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We chose one of our most important creations to be the wine of the month, which reminds us of a wonderful day of May locked in a bottle, tasty and fragrant, full of life. It is as captivating as the fresh, young, green nature that surrounds us this time of year. Our 2018 Sauvignon blanc gives citruses, green apples, white pepper and typical vegetal notes on the nose. On the palate it brings lime peel, pineapple, fresh herbs and minerality. Although we still only dream about drinking wines together in person, we offer you the wine of the month with a 12% discount in May, either at the Kúria Shop or at our wine shop on Saturdays.

*The current “Wine of the Month” offer is valid between  May 1st and May 31th, 2020, we offer a tasting portion of 50 ml/person for free to the guests of the Wine Shop for on-site consumption.


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