Dear Dog Owners,

As a dog-friendly winery, we are happy to welcome you with your four-legged friend, but we also want to make sure that all guests feel comfortable, so we have developed a dog etiquette with our partner, Vigyél Haza (Take Me Home) Foundation, and we ask you to follow a few simple rules with your dog, so everyone enjoys a pleasant stay with us.

Vigyél haza

1. Please keep your dog near you on a lead at all times and do not allow them to jump on chairs, tables - or other guests

Please be aware that at home you may share your food with your pet, but our other guests seated in our social spaces, such as the table right next to you, may not want you to do so. Make sure that your dog always stays with you, so that our dog-friendly Wine Bar remains a pleasant place also for those who don't come with a dog.

2. We provide dog bowls

Want your dog to have some fresh water? No problem at all! A dog bowl is provided for water, however, if you wish to feed your dog, please let our staff know beforehand so they can provide a separate bowl for your dog. We kindly ask you not to feed your dog in the closed areas. Please do not throw anything on the floor nor feed your pet from your restaurant plate.

3. Don't let your dog beg for food from someone else or go to another table without permission.

Please mind the well-being of others. Unless you specifically asked by another guest, please do not allow your dog to approach them, as it may cause discomfort.

4. A little walk during dinner doesn't hurt either

At our winery, we're all about “slow drink / slow food”, so you’ll certainly enjoy relaxing with your partner or friends for quite some time, chatting over a bottle of wine and a meal, though it may not be suitable for your pet's physical and other needs. We ask you to walk by the vines for a few minutes every now and then, so they can get some exercise and their work done (...and keep our plantations well maintained 😊 )

5. Is there room for more dogs in one castle?

If there are already other dogs in the closed areas at the time of your arrival, please check with the staff of our Wine Bar and the owners of the other dogs before entering, as it is important to avoid any potential conflict between the dogs.

Thank you for your co-operation!

Interested in adoption? Interested in responsible dog ownership? Interested in helping?