Fine Wines Association

Our Motivation | Fine Wines Association was established with the goal of educating wine lovers, wine professionals and visiting tourists about the merits of Central and Eastern European wines and in particular Hungarian wines. Hungary is a country with a remarkable history in viticulture and wine production but when it comes to international markets it is still only an up-and-coming player. The rich diversity of local varieties and terroirs has not been explored by the rest of the world yet.

FWA Member Wineries
Upper Pannon Wine Region: Etyek-Buda & Sopron – Etyeki Kúria Winery
Upper Hungary Wine Region: Eger - Tóth Ferenc Winery
Tokaj Wine Region: Tokaj - Tokaj-Hétszőlő Organic Vineyards
Pannon Wine Region: Szekszárd - Vida Péter Szekszárd

Why FWA? | Consistency, high quality and individual character – these are the key words to describe the work of the members of the Fine Wines Association in past decades and this is what the words “Fine Wines” in the name refer to. They believe that by working together and helping one another, selflessly sharing expertise and professional connections is the best way to make their wines and wine regions appreciated abroad. This spirit of cooperation is expressed by the word „Association”.

Our Shared Values | Together they provide a diverse, comprehensive and easy to grasp cross-section of quality wine production in Hungary. Their shared values are based on being small or medium sized estates, their family centered attitude, their respect for local traditions of viticulture and winemaking, in harmony with a relentless spirit of innovation. Building communities and striving for cooperation are highly esteemed values shared by all FWA members.

Our Goals | The realization that led to the foundation of FWA was that by joining forces they can inform consumers more efficiently about Hungarian geographical indications, the system of controlled designations of origins, wine regions and their typical wines.By acquainting yourself with the wines of FWA members you can find out about local varieties, traditional blends, diverse styles and the specific characters of Hungarian wine regions.Our current target markets are Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania.

Our Partners | Wines of Hungary - Personally | Wine in Moderation | Etyek-Budai borvidék Hegyközségi Tanácsa

Find out more! | We also seek innovative and environmentally conscious solutions in our wine promotion activities, therefore we have detailed what FWA is all about in a digital brochure.

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