Planting during the COVID-19

Years ago when we decided to make new plantations in addition to kékfrankos in Steiner vineyard, we would never think in our wildest dreams that the project would eventually have such adventurous twists and turns.



Wine of the month in August is Pláne Frizzante White

For August we picked Pláne Frizzante White, one of our favourites as the Wine of the Month. Charming notes of perfume, rich floral aroma and overflowing fruitiness characterize this perfect summer sparkling wine.



Your Big Day at Etyeki Kúria

We are lucky, thanks to our diverse locations at Etyeki Kúria, weddings of almost any style and size can be organized ideally. We work with a professional team, so that you don't have to worry for a minute about the ...



Kúria has committed itself to producing top quality wines that authentically reflect the Etyek region. The rich varied collection of fine wines include a Chardonnay that has been matured in small and large wooden casks, a Sauvignon Blanc partially aged in wooden barrels and a Pinot Noir matured in small wooden barrels. The Pinot Noir is of particular pride, as it is the first planting of this noble Burgundian variety and a grand example of new dimensions in wine, within the Etyek region. In addition to oak aged wines, there are a number of other wines that are matured in stainless steel, crisp and clear expressions of the grape varieties from which they are produced.

“In our premium wines we would like to further deepen the clean and exciting flavor spectrum of the Etyek region. Our unique wines successfully capture the character and elegance of the wine styles and the beauty of our gentle sloping landscapes. Our goal is to bring a drop of Etyek freshness into the everyday life of the wine lover through our family of wines.”

Mr. Sándor Mérész sign

Kúria White 2019

Playful blend, aromas of white flowers, lemon and white flashed peach on the nose. The palate is driven by the trio of apple, pear and peach, complemented by the impressions of tropical fruit and a hint of white pepper.

Kúria Rosé 2019

Brilliant blush, raspberry colour. Delicate notes of lychee, pink graprfuit, raspberry and rose pepper on the nose. Juicy palate pink grapefruit, white fleshed peach, citrus zest and hints of wild strawberries and raspberries.

Kúria Red 2017

Ripe and black fruits dominate both in the nose and on the palate, with notes of blackberry, black cherry and spicy cooked red plum. In addition to a subtle smoky character the spiciness of clove completes the experience. A fruit-driven red blend, with lively acidity and a pleasant finish.

Pláne Frizzante White

Frissítő könnyedtség

White flowers, green apple and citrus zest on the nose. White flowers, citrus once again on the palate, lively acidity while the finish is rounded off with a pleasant subtle sweetness.

Autistic Art Chardonnay 2015

Újabb Autistic Art címkés borok! Pláne Frizzante White és Chardonnay

Once again this year we are joining forces with the Autistic Art Foundation, whose principal mission is to support community homes for autistic individuals. Through this partnership we decorate our wine bottles with unique labels, which were designed by autistic artists.

Pláne Frizzante Rosé

Cooling pink bubbles

It is a real cooling pink sparkling wine, made from pinot noir, kékfrankos and zweigelt. Medium intensity, peachy colour. Delicate bubble structure with the aromas of red berries and rose. On the palate, notes of raspberry, wild strawberry and redcurrant, yoghurt-like charachter in the finish.

Autistic Art Pláne Frizzante White

Újabb Autistic Art címkés borok! Pláne Frizzante White és Chardonnay

Once again this year we are joining forces with the Autistic Art Foundation, whose principal mission is to support community homes for autistic individuals. Through this partnership we decorate our wine bottles with unique labels, which were designed by autistic artists.

Zenit 2017

The third MSP wine has arrived: the Zenit

After the Grüner Veltliner and the wild fermentation Sauvignon Blanc, the third Mérész Sándor Project wine has arrived: the Zenit. Reserved, but fruity in scent, on the palate it is crunchy, in addition to a decisive saltiness, the aroma of yellow pears and apples can be discovered, the finish leaves us with refreshing citruses. A characteristic wine, just like its predecessors.

Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Medium intensity lemon colour. The nose is defined by lemon, lemon zest, green apple and white pepper with a slight vegetable and mineral character. The palate is characterized by flevours of green apple, lime zest, fresh pineapple and green herbs, primarily mint.

Chardonnay 2018

Chardonnay is an aged white wine of Etyeki Kúria in which the discreet use of barrels is in harmony with the fruity notes.

Pinot Noir 2017

Classical pale ruby color. The nose is layered with notes of sour cherry, red plum and dried cranberries with some nutmeg. On the palate the wine is balanced, the red fruit notes are complemented by vanilla and subtle ros pepper. An elegant Burgundy-style Pinot Noir.

Zweigelt 2016

The Balf trio is back together - Zweigelt, Merlot, Kékfrankos from Sopron Wineregion. Brilliant, intensive purpe color. Intensively juicy, with the scents of blackcurrant, blackberry and hints of clove. On the palate notes of blackcurrant juice, clove and licorcie in the finish. The tannins are very vivid, completed by a playful spiciness.

Merlot 2017

We used massal selection from the most viable vines at three different Bordeaux vineyards, then planted them at our Balf wine garden. By using these grafts along with the climate of the Fertő Lake there is great potential of creating complex wine in the years to come.

Kékfrankos 2016

Superior Kékfrankos selection from our best and unique territory BLOCK 4 overlooking the Neusiedler See.

Pinot Noir Selection 2015

At first it was considered out of line to plant a red variety in a white wine region. Since the first vintage of 2003, it has now been accepted and with time earned recognition. Intensive ruby color with a hue of intensive pomegranate skin. Scent of wild strawberry and kirsch with the spiciness of clove and juniper. On the palate notes of sourcherry, blueberry, black pepper, caramelized plum, complemeted by the vanilla of the barrels. Fruity, lively acidity, a wine worth ageing.

Wild Fermented Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Mérész Sándor Projekt

The fifth member of the Sándor Mérész Projekt, only 2500 bottles made. The creamy character is in fact due to the wild yeast, then one week later a classical yeast took over the fermentation. A little different than before. Medium lemon color with notes of elderflower, yellow grapefruit, candied lemon zest and pineapple with light spiciness. The palate is subtle, yellow grapefriut, candied pineapple and ginger are the key flavours, completed by notes of white pepper and lemon juice.

Kira 2018

Natural wine made from the autochthonous Hungarian variety, Királyleányka, we call it Kira. Medium gold color. Complex on the nose with honey, yellow flowers, bergamot, candied lemon zest and pineapple with the notes of  lightly brewed tea. The palate is harmonious with yellow flowers, bergamot peel with the subtle, but palpable spiciness of white pepper and ginger.


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