Sunday Brunch Market at Sofitel Budapest Hotel

On Sunday, October 15, Sunday Brunch Market at Sofitel Hotel's restaurant, the first time with a wine tasting! We will be there too!



Borbala-day open cellar wine tasting

On the 2nd of December (Saturday) – for the Day of Borbala – we will organise our usual open cellar wine tasting.



After harvest…

One of the best harvests of recent years is just behind us. According to traditions Kúria White and Kúria Rosé will be ready in a few days.



Kúria has committed itself to producing top quality wines that authentically reflect the Etyek region.

The rich varied collection of fine wines include a Chardonnay that has been matured in small and large wooden casks, a Sauvignon Blanc partially aged in wooden barrels and a Pinot Noir matured in small wooden barrels. The Pinot Noir is of particular pride, as it is the first planting of this noble Burgundian variety and a grand example of new dimensions in wine, within the Etyek region.
In addition to oak aged wines, there are a number of other wines that are matured in stainless steel, crisp and clear expressions of the grape varieties from which they are produced.

“In our premium wines we would like to further deepen the clean and exciting flavor spectrum of the Etyek region. Our unique wines successfully capture the character and elegance of the wine styles and the beauty of our gentle sloping landscapes. Our goal is to bring a drop of Etyek freshness into the everyday life of the wine lover through our family of wines.”

Mr. Sándor Mérész


Kúria Rosé Primőr 2017

Modern, elegáns, finom pirosbogyós gyümölcsökre emlékeztető illatú rosé bor; ropogós savaival kellemes perceket szerez fogyasztóinak.

Kúria White Primőr 2017

This is the first new wine of our winery in every year. It's a vibrant and fruity white wine with fresh acidity and good length, which is excellent for both as an aperitif and as an accompanist.

Kúria Red 2016

A youthful and drinkable red wine with fine structure and intensive fruity aroma.

Kékfrankos 2015

Superior Kékfrankos selection from our best and unique territory BLOCK 4 overlooking the Neusiedler See.

Merlot 2015

We used massal selection from the most viable vines at three different Bordeaux vineyards, then planted them at our Balf wine garden. By using these grafts along with the climate of the Fertő Lake there is great potential of creating complex wine in the years to come. You are tasting our first vintage.

Zweigelt 2015

Zweigelt like the father of the grape variety, dr. Friedrich Zweigelt dreamed up 95 years ago: elegant and also youthful. Its brilliant deep color and chiselled taste reminds the pleasant summer night's atmosphere. A real fruit bomb.

Pinot Noir 2015

Pinot Noir is our No. 1 red wine, which has proved that is is worth to be present in this wine region over the last decade. It is a classic Pinot Noir with a velvety texture that truly reflects its local terroir.

Kúria White 2016

It's a vibrant and fruity white wine with fresh acidity and good length, which is excellent for both as an aperitif and as an accompanist.

Kúria Rosé 2016

It is a modern, elegant and delicate rosé wine with a red berry fruit aroma, which can give pleasant moments to its consumers with its crispy acidity.

Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the white wines of Etyeki Kúria of outstanding importance, which owes its varietal character and vivid acids to the soil- and climatic features of the plantations.

Chardonnay 2015

Chardonnay is an aged white wine of Etyeki Kúria in which the discreet use of barrels is in harmony with the fruity notes.

Sauvignon Blanc Wild Fermentation 2016

Mérész Sándor Projekt

A Sauvignon Blanc with wild yeast, fermented spontaneously. A little different than before. One tenth handled separately. The second member of the Sándor Mérész Project, only 1000 bottles made.


Host your next company event with us!

The glass walls of the large wine tasting hall provide a special close-to-nature atmosphere.


Wine bar

Taste our wines in the Wine Bar!

During your visit you can experience the fusion of the functionality of a modern vinery and architectural design.

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